Invest in Romania

Why invest in Romania?

1. Eligible agricultural potential, forests and forest lands

Romania has the second largest agricultural capacity after France, with 14.7 million hectares of agricultural land of which only 10 million are used as arable land. From the country’s whole territory, one third is devoted for cultivation. Most of the industry is still undeveloped and has a high potential for growth.

2. High tourism potential, an undiscovered gem of Europe.

Romania is growing to be a mature market for tourism. It still has a lot of potential for growth and development and it is a big opportunity to invest in this area. Rural tourism, outdoor activities, lots of wilderness and pristine ecosystems, seaside tourism, winter sports, spa and health opportunities – it is a wonderfully wrapped package waiting to be open.

3. Capable human resources

Well-trained professionals, cheap and highly skilled labor force. Multinational companies are already a strong presence in several important cities. The most active industries are automotive, IT&C, production, BPO’s, pharmaceuticals etc.

4. A relatively low price and a high quality of land

Land plots, farms, rural properties and woodlands – opportunities for a growing agricultural market and sustainable development. Romania has an agricultural capacity of approximately 14.7 million hectares, of which only 10 are used as arable land

5. Acquiring property right, over land by citizens of the EU member states

Citizens of the EU countries and legal persons can acquire property right over agricultural lands, forests and forest lands in the same conditions foreseen by law for the Romanian citizens and for legal Romanian persons.

6. Medium and long term potential

The real estate market is still in its early stages of development with high expectations for further growth. Also, the real estate market is less volatile than in the past, with a stabilizing tendency creating a positive sentiment resulting in qualitative growth of the market.

7. The extension and improvement of infrastructure

This will facilitate logistical demand and will connect the southern and northern parts of the country with Western Europe. Romania can and will access EU funds to develop its infrastructure and therefore stimulate the real estate market activity.

8. Cultural and regional diversity

The mix of cultures was always part of the history of these lands. This created a tolerant environment where different communities are equally respected.

Romanian economy by the numbers

Unemployment rate - 2014

GDP growth in 2013

Low public debt to GDP - 2014

Inflation rate - 2014

The most important cities where real estate investments are growing and even flourishing are Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Brasov, Constanta and Iasi.

Strategic advantage

One of the most significant advantage for investing in Romania is the geographic position of the country, situated Southeastern Europe, providing a gateway for foreign investors to easily access other markets within the European Union and also allows the investors to penetrate through the lucrative markets of Middle-East countries.

Let's resume - reasons for investing in Romania

  • Romania is one the top ranked countries in the CEE region with a large market base
  • Acquiring property right for any EU citizen
  • Bilateral agreements between Romania and other countries on investments promotion and protection
  • Infrastructure development and improvement
  • One of the cheapest and most fertile agricultural lands with easy access to utilities
  • Capable and cheap labour
  • Low taxation
  • Tourism on the verge of expanding

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