Forest woodland for sale – 583 ha – Prahova county
20 August 2015
Forest for sale Dambovita county Romania
Forest for sale in Dambovita county
21 August 2015
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Forest for sale in Brasov county

Forest for sale Brasov county Romania


Location - Buzaiel, Brasov county.
Area - 308,71 hectares.

Legal status - intabulated.

Forest management - available from 2004, issued by RNP (ROMSILVA)

Accessibility : Good

Composition: 58% breech ; 41% spruce ; 1% various coniferous forest

Consistency: 0,9

Mediun age : 64 years

Possibility : 3 cubic meter/year/ha (2,4 Main + 0,6 Secondary) + taierile de igiena (can reach up to 1 cubic meter/year/ha).
Forest management authorization expires this year, From the possibilities presented in this offer, approximately 3000 cubic meters of wood can be exploited until the end of this year. After that, a new forest management documentation has to be issued, with a growth estimated of 0.5-1,0 m³/yr/ha.

Asking price

3500 € / HA

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